MEN'S HEALTH: What Kinks Are Most Common for Men & Women

Just like ice cream has a flavor for every taste, there’s a kink for every person’s desire. To get to the bottom of what people are craving most,Justin Lehmiller, of the Kinsey Institute, talked to close to 4,200 men and women about their sexual fantasies and kinks. The final results can be seen in more detail in his book, “Tell Me What You Want,” but here are some of the highlight reel findings.

BDSM was, by far, the biggest fantasy area for both men (93%) and women (96%). That can cover a lot of ground, so it’s worth noting most of those fantasies had to do with “dominance, submission, and bondage.” The rougher and more aggressive stuff was further down on that kink scale. Behind BDSM, there was “dirty talk” in second, and role playing in third. Interestingly, the percentage of women who fantasized about those three things was higher than the dudes in each case.

Here’s some other interesting findings Lehmiller came up with.

  • Voyeurism Fantasies -(73% of men and 48% of women)
  • Cuckolding (watching your spouse get down with someone else) -(58% of men and 36% of women)
  • Flashing -(47% of men and 36% of women)
  • Food & Sex -(37% of men and 41% of women)

Source:Men’s Health

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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