ROD STEWART: Shocking Video of Rod Stewart Punching Security Guard on NYE

Video of Rod Stewart and his son Sean allegedly assaulting a security guard on New Year's Eve at The Breakers resort in Palm, Beach, Florida has surfaced.

The video appears to show Rod throwing a punch at security guard Jessie Dixon, a claim he and is son deny It also appears to show Rod giving the Nazi salute with his right arm, while using his left finger to create a mustache, similar to John Cleese in “Fawlty Towers.” Before the incident, footage appears to show Rod dancing around as if he’s on stage. 

The incident occurred after Stewart and his family were denied access to a private party outside the children’s area at the hotel.

Rod Stewart and his son Sean were arrested by police in Palm Beach, Florida on December 31st after an altercation with a security guard. Well, now footage from the incident has emerged, and it sure doesn’t look good for Rod. 

Rod and Sean have both pled not guilty in connection with the incident, and they are expected in court again this week. either is expected to appear before the judge.

A lawyer for the security guard,Jessie Dixon, says he is suing for damages.

Source:Daily Mail

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