MINUTES MATTER: UPMC & The City of Pittsburgh Launch Life Saving Campaign

UPMC in partnership with the city of Pittsburgh is offering emergency education through a campaign called "Minutes Matter." I attended a two hour seminar. What did I learn? I learned that I didn't know as much as thought I did! I have gone through first aid seminars before...I was surprised about what I had forgotten and how much CPR techniques have changed! And since minutes do matter...imagine how many lives can be saved...how many lives can be changed...if the entire city got on board with learning life saving techniques. The proper way to do CPR. To take care of bleeding. Or what do to do if you're ever faced with someone overdosing. Knowing what to do when "minutes matter" makes a difference between life and death. The clock is ticking...sign up today!!!

Learn more at MinutesMatterPGH.com.