ANTONIO BROWN: Antonio & Trainer Allegedly Battered Driver, Police Say

Another week...and looks like another incident involving Antonio Brown!

We are getting reports that "Ol' Big Chest" and his trainer allegedly battered a driver of a moving truck outside his Hollywood residence yesterday, according to police.

Brown is a suspect in the alleged incident but—as of last night—has not been arrested, although officials said the criminal investigation is ongoing.

Thing is, his trainer isn’t famous. Which is why Glen Holt was charged with one count of felony burglary and battery and booked into jail last night.

Brown had hired the moving truck to bring some of his belongings to his Hollywood home before the disturbance occurred.

A Hollywood police spokesman said Brown was at home with Holt at the time of the incident and they attempted to make contact with him for further questioning, but they were unsuccessful before leaving for the day.

The criminal investigation is ongoing and an update from police on Brown's status is expected before noon today.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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