RUSH Turned Down Las Vegas Arena Residency Offers After 'R40' Tour

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Rush had multiple chances to cash in and continue playing live after the conclusion of its 'R40' tour, but the band never took the bait, according to a concert promoter.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the revelation came a few months ago during a conversation between reporter John Katsilometes and AEG Live senior vice president Bobby Reynolds.

Katsilometes joked that he was hoping Rush would come out of retirement and book a residency, like many other classic rock acts have.

Reynolds replied: "Rush was my first concert. I put every kind of damn offer you can put in front of Rush."

He clarified that the attempt to negotiate came in late-2015 to early-2016. The idea was that Rush would play Vegas's T-Mobile Arena, between four and six weekends, a year.

"Las Vegas would have been the only place you could see Rush, and I think it would have been incredible," Reynolds reportedly said. "I know their popularity, and their fans are all over North America and Canada. You look at that opportunity now — we'll never know what it would have meant."

While 'R40' did not come with the headline-grabbing "farewell tour" announcement, Rush tacitly acknowledged throughout that it was likely the band's last go-around.

It was understood that the three band members were growing tired of leaving their families for tour. Drummer Neil Peart, in particular, was also battling back problems at the time that made it difficult to perform up to his standards.

Peart died last Tuesday of brain cancer. Based on Rush's statement on the tragic loss, the drummer would have learned of his diagnosis sometime in 2016.

Peart reportedly stopped playing drums in retirement but remained closed with band mates Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee.

Lifeson and Lee suggested this summer at a fan Q&A that they might work together again, but Lifeson has expressed little interest in touring again, noting his own struggles with arthritis.

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