CINCINNATI: Cincy Man Is Doing This Until The Bengals Win

No one expected the Cincinnati Bengals to be Super Bowl contenders this season, but they weren't supposed to be this bad.

They're currently winless and sit at 0-10. They already became the first team to be eliminated from playoff contention this season. The playoffs are the least of their concerns, as one of their fans has been stuck on a roof for six weeks.

The guy's name is Jeff Lanham and he's living on the roof of his restaurant until they win. He went up there on October 7th, after the Bengals lost their fifth game.

He spends around 23 hours a day in a 12-foot by 10-foot rooftop tent. Meals are delivered by the restaurant waiters and his wife stops by to do his laundry. He's equipped with a heater, snacks, a cot, a sleeping bag, and a flat-screen TV, so he can watch his Bengals continue his misery.

Lanham says he only leaves the roof to shower. The good news is that the Bengals have a 9% chance of finishing the season winless, and they have winnable games. 

Lanham said, "I'm so ready to come down, it's miserable up here. I did not plan on being up here this long. I never want anyone to be able to say that I wasn't a man of my word."

Oh by the way...The Steelers travel to Cincy on Sunday. So sorry, Jeff, you're not getting a whole lot of support from us! But good luck!

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