ANTONIO BROWN: Could Mr. Big Chest Be Going Back to The Patriots?

Lost in the NFL headlines last week of Myles Garrett blowing his top with someone else’s helmet and Colin Kaepernick blowing smoke about wanting to play in the NFL again was the fact that Antonio Brown had his interview with the NFL.

Yeah, right in between the two, on Thursday in South Florida.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brown remains hopeful that a decision will come “very soon” and that there is a sense of optimism—by Brown at least—that he will be cleared to return to the NFL before the regular season ends.

Brown, who is a free agent, can sign with any team at any time. He would provide a huge lift to a team that is headed for the playoffs or competing for a playoff berth.

Hey, if he is actually cleared of everything—he would certainly be a compelling addition to any team in the playoff hunt.

Well, not the Raiders, what with him suing them for millions and all.

But how about the very team that cut him last?

Because—coincidentally or not—Brown posted an apology on social media today to the Patriots and team owner Robert Kraft. Quarterback Tom Brady reportedly was miffed when Brown was cut, and Brady could be happy to see Brown return for the final weeks of the season.

Given the potential benefit of having Brown — and of keeping him from a competitor — a land rush for his services could be sparked if/when he’s cleared. Put simply, it will be much better to have Brown on the roster in December and/or January than to have to face him.

Source:NBC Sports

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