STEELERS: Brown's Myles Garrett Uses Helmet As A Weapon Against Rudolph

The Steelers lost to the Browns last night, 21 to 7…but that’s NOT what everybody is talking about today…It’s THE BRAWL!

What happened?

With 8 seconds to go in the game…Cleveland’s Myles Garrett tackled Mason Rudolph…and then laid on top the QB for a bit.Mason then tried to push Myles off.That’s when Myles ripped Mason’s helmet off…and started swinging…using the helmet as a weapon!

Steelers players started to come to their QB’s rescue…and Myles kept on swinging…hitting Mason in the head with his own helmet!

A few Steelers players got Myles on the ground…and Maurkice Pouncey started kicking him!!!

Garrett faces a likely suspension for his actions.. Pouncey will likely be disciplined for kicking Garrett in the head.

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