LORI LOUGHLIN: Pleads Not Guilty, Considered Guilty Plea

Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli have entered their pleas to new charges in the college admissions scandal. The couple pleaded not guilty to federal programs bribery on Friday, six months after pleading not guilty to fraud and money laundering charges.

But apparently, that wasn’t Lori’s original plan. A source tells “Us Weekly” that she was “considering a guilty plea” as her friends and family encouraged her to try for a plea deal. But the source says it was ultimately her husband that talked her out of it.

“Lori turned the corner and backed out of considering a guilty plea due to her husband’s insistence,” the source explains. “She had been talking to her lawyers about it... she’s only listening to Mossimo.”

Source:Us Weekly

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