REPORT: Jerry Springer's Show Was Fake

If Radar Online is to be believed,Jerry Springer’s talk show – which ran from 1991 to 2018 – was completely fake and he only used it to get women into bed. Two former producers on “The Jerry Springer Show” claim that their main job in the 1990s was “to get pretty girls, strippers, and porn stars for Jerry to sleep with.” Most of the guests were phony, but the people making the show didn’t care. 

Jerry’s current series, “Judge Jerry,” is billed as a show with real people and real cases. He said, “For the first time in my life, I am gong to be called honorable.” 

But Springer’s behavior has been far from honorable for years. He got busted for writing checks to prostitutes in 1974 when he was a city councilman in Cincinnati. At the time, he and Micki Velton had been married a year. She stayed with him until 1990, but the divorce they filed has never been finalized. He blamed his antics on Viagra, which he said made him lose his mind and turned him into sex addict. 

  • Radar’s source said, “Jerry has abused his power and celebrity for years to take advantage of people. Is that the sort of person you want to stand in front of in a TV courtroom?”

Source:Radar Online

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