“Sexy” Costumes Have Gotten To A New Level Of Odd This Halloween

Without a doubt, the number one positive about Halloween is going out to see how many different ways women can display their sexy selves in the name of costumed fun. Tried and true classics like the sexy nurse, cop, witch, stripper, farm girl, and/or superhero are always going to be trouser-pleasers.

For 2019, however, there are a few attempts at raising the “sexy” bar that might raise a few eyebrows instead.

  • Nicest Neighbor Costume– Imagine Mr. Rogers was still alive, and was a hot chick in short shorts, a tie, and each hand had a puppet of “King Friday” and “Henrietta Pussycat.” It seems all kinds of wrong.
  • Happy Tree Painter– Even more disturbing is this touching tribute to Bob Ross, where the female version gets the famous afro, and adds a tight, paint-stained top and some bun-exposing booty shorts…the pot is sold separately.
  • Beyond Burger– Now, we get into the food products with the “sexy Impossible Burger.” Essentially, it’s a tight dress that looks like a burger, with a flag on her head that says, “plant based.” There more stretching here than just the dress.
  • Tater Thot– Apparently, for the woman who wants to announce “I-da-ho!” It’s a tight dress with tater tots printed on it. Why? We don’t know.
  • Sexy Tariff– We’re guessing with tariffs in the news so much, why not give it a shot. All they did was take a dress with money printed on it and write “Tariff” across it. Brilliant it its simplicity.

Fortunately, we have yet to see the sexy versions of the crazy NFL wide receiver, the Area 51 stormer, or avocado toast…but there’s still time.


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