PEOPLE: Admit The Food Crimes They’ve Committed

When Reddit user u/jordwumble recently asked “What is a clear and objective food crime that people are getting away with because we’re fighting about pineapple pizza?” people were happy to report offenses. Some folks ratted out others for their gross food crimes and others turned themselves in.

Here are a few of the more disturbing responses:

  • "I have a friend who puts ketchup on cake."
  • "I once witnessed a friend just throw half a tub of mayo in her bowl of rice."
  • "My cousin ate a ketchup sandwich and dipped it in his coffee."
  • "My stepdad knew a man who loved ranch dressing so much that he mixed it with water and drank it."
  • "I was bored and tried putting ketchup on pancakes and it was actually amazing."
  • "I think a slightly sweet beer in some plain or honey nut cheerios is game-changing!"
  • "My brother eats mayonnaise and Nutella sandwiches."
  • "I actually started drinking milk mixed with Pepsi after watching it happen on “Laverne and Shirley” reruns as a kid."
  • "I caught my friend eating chocolate ice cream mixed with mayonnaise."
  • "I put soy sauce on grapes."
  • "I had a roommate who would eat raw onions like they were apples."
  • "As a kid, I loved orange juice and I loved chocolate milk, so I tried drinking Hershey syrup and orange juice."
  • "I've seen a girl put mayonnaise and pickles on her pizza. I was absolutely disgusted."
  • “I used to eat peanut butter and sriracha sandwiches."
  • "My friend will have a bowl of Cap'n Crunch with milk in it, and put a scoop of mayo in it."


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