NFL: Will Not Investigate Antonio Brown Signing With The Patriots

The Florida police may be investigating Antonio Brown for his sexual assault in the upcoming weeks, but I can tell you who isn’t investigating him…the NFL, for his basically screwing the Raiders this off season.

It seemed all too neat. Mere hours after being released by the Oakland Raiders,Antonio Brown signed with the New England Patriots on Saturday.

The signing raised some red flags around the league, due to its abrupt nature. This came after a several-week span of Brown’s bizarre behavior. It also comes after New England attempted to trade for Brown before the Pittsburgh Steelers ultimately dealt him to Oakland back in March.

But the NFL doesn’t have time for conspiracy theories now that the season is in full swing.

“I was told by a league source that the league had no plans to investigate Brown’s behavior or the signing with New England, or whether it set a precedent that if a star player doesn’t like where he is, he can act up for three or four days and drive a team so crazy that it will release him,”NBC Sports veteran reporter Peter King noted.

As it is, Brown joined the Patriots on a one-year, $15-million deal with a $9-million signing bonus.

Given how the defending champs looked against his former Steelers team Sunday night, that can’t be considered good news for the NFL’s 31 other teams.

The NFL likely looked into this briefly before coming to the conclusion that it didn’t warrant an investigation.

Making one less warrant Brown needs to worry about.


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