STAR WARS TRAILER: Latest “Star Wars” Trailer Fuels C-3PO Theory

Anyone that’s seen “Star Wars” probably thinks of C-3PO as a goody-two-shoes. He’s stayed loyal to the good guys throughout the franchise, but the latest trailer for the upcoming installment reveals another side to the droid.

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” marks the end of the most recent “Star Wars” trilogy when it premieres on December 20th… and fans think there are a few revelations in store. The latest theory is that the loveable know-it-all C-3PO is unknowingly a double-agent working against the resistance who’s true allegiance lies with the Dark Side.

In the new trailer, C-3PO’s eyes turn red, hinting at a darker side to the rambling droid. In fact, fans think that all that babbling is actually a distraction from the possibility that he’s been reprogrammed by the enemy. All this time, he could have been “secretly recording, saving and eventually uploading” his journey with the Resistance to expose them to the Sith. After all, he was created by Anakin – AKA the Dark Side’s former leader Darth Vader.


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