ANTONIO BROWN: Suspicions Grow Brown To Pats Didn’t Happen Out Of The Blue

The Steelers were determined not to trade Antonio Brownto the Patriots or to any other team in the AFC North. And now, of course, Antonio Brown plays for those very Patriots.

Thing is, both Adam Schefter of ESPN and Mike Giardi of NFL Network report that the Patriots did indeed try to trade for Brown in March—even offering a first rounder for AB—but the Steelers resisted, giving the one team that always stands between them and the month of February a receiver that would make them—somehow—even better.

So instead, the Patriots got Brown without giving up trade compensation and without paying Brown $30-million in guaranteed money.

And while many will argue that losing all that guaranteed money in Oakland is the strongest argument against the notion that the trade to Oakland and inevitable release by the Raiders was part of a broader plan to get Brown to New England—Brown is getting a $9-million signing bonus, a base salary close to the minimum for his level of service, and incentives worth another $5-million or so.

And he’s is getting to play for the best team in the game that will allow for so many other sources of income—so it really isn’t, unless you are shortsighted…and dim-witted.

But while it may not have been planned from the get-go, it would explain the ridiculous helmet gate we suffered through this summer as well as the taped recording he aired of him talking to his coach as well as his threatening to punch GM Mike Mayock after calling him a “cracker.”

If the guy didn’t want to get released, he sure went out of his way to act like he did…repeatedly.

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