ANTONIO BROWN: Trolls Pittsburgh Over “Hard Knocks”

I know what you’re saying.

Between his frostbitten feet, helmet fiasco, and multiple lawsuits, what else could Antonio Brown possibly make the news for that isn’t football this preseason.

Please, have you forgotten social media.

As you know, HBO’s has been covering Brown’s Raiders on “Hard Knocks” this season and—not surprisingly—this past Tuesday’s episode prominently featured Brown and all the noise around him.

Well HBO announced on Wednesday that ratings in Pittsburgh for Tuesday’s Brown-heavy episode were three times the national average.

So of course, Brown took matters into his own hands—or thumbs—tweeting the story with the caption:

My ex still thinks of me

Sure. Pittsburgh is most assuredly still thinking of Brown. But like much of the rest of the nation of NFL fans, those thoughts aren’t of admiration or longing.

They’re thoughts of sheer fascination with a twinge of concern over what the hell exactly is going on in Brown’s head.

…and feet.

Source:Yahoo! Sports

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