BUZZFEED: The Most Horrifying Things Found In A Human Body

Medical professionals will see a lot of weird things over the course of their career, including strange objects inside some human’s bodies. And now some of those doctors and nurses are sharing the horrors.

Buzzfeed asked their readers who are medical professionals to share the strangest, and most horrifying things they’ve ever found in a human body and the answers are bound to shock you, and gross you out.

They include:

  • "One night I had a prisoner who jammed a piece of Velcro up into his penis, where it had gotten stuck and things were starting to swell. Apparently, this was his THIRD hospitalization for this kind of thing.
  • "A woman came in complaining of pain in her uterus. She eventually admitted that a few months ago she and her boyfriend wanted to have sex but didn’t have any contraceptives so they improvised and used a FINGERLING POTATO. By the time she came into the clinic it had taken root in her uterus and had actually sprouted a leaf that could be seen at her cervix."
  • "We admitted a markedly obese patient with uncontrolled chest pain. Standard procedure is a hibiclens bath to prevent infection upon arrival to the unit. I found a molding ham sandwich under the fold of one of her breasts to which she exclaimed, 'I wondered what happened to that sandwich!'"
  • "My first night as an ER tech, a guy came waddling in and wouldn’t initially tell us what happened. Once we got him back, he told us that he had slipped while lounging by the pool and there was an ENTIRE POOL NOODLE shoved about seven inches up his rectum."
  • "We anesthetized a 7-year-old who couldn’t hear out of one ear so the doctor could get a better look in it. She pulled out not one, but THREE unpopped popcorn kernels. The kid swore he’d never seen them before."
  • "A three-wick Yankee candle that lodged itself in a man’s rectum when he 'slipped getting out of the shower.'"
  • "My friend's mom was a nurse for many years and she said the strangest thing she saw was a girl who came in because her boyfriend had stuffed her vagina with potato salad."
  • "My sister is a nurse and she had to remove a cheeseburger from some woman's vagina."

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