TWITTER: Groom Gets So Hammered His Mother-In-Law Has To Feed Him

Many people think the Internet was created to share information with the world in record time. In reality, it’s to show videos of wacky cat activities and people doing dumb crap. A new entry into the “greatest video ever” category has hit Twitter, and it’s 23-seconds of glory.

Recently, there was a summer wedding somewhere in The Netherlands where the groom had a little too much fun…and drink. Instead of having a one or three at his reception…you know, pacing himself, this guy decided to get obliterated.

The video shows the groom absolutely smashedwith his new mother-in-law sitting by his side tending to his drunk ass. While hand-feeding him some form of salmon sandwich-looking stuff, she takes the time to mug for the camera giving a less-than-sincere thumbs-up to the person taking the video. Obviously, she’s the caring sort, too, because when the groom starts to lose control of his lips while he chews, she swoops in at just the right moment to push the food back into his mouth before it falls out. Fortunately, the video stops before you see the inevitable reversing of the stomach engines all over his rented tuxedo.That had to be a wedding night for the ages!!!


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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