ANTONIO BROWN: Did Antonio Try to Scam The Raiders & The NFL?

By now you have heard that, even if Antonio Brown ever is able to walk on his feet, he is now reportedly refusing to play unless he can wear the helmet he has been wearing his entire career. The problem is the league has new helmet-safety requirements, and Brown’s old-style helmet is on the banned list because it reportedly did not meet an acceptable level in lab testing.

When news of the Brown helmet story was reported on Friday, NFL Media’s Michael Silver shared numerous details about what was happening. Silver says Brown was vocal in OTAs with the Raiders regarding his objections about using an approved helmet. Even though Brown accepted a new helmet, Silver says the veteran receiver later tried to take the field with a bootleg Raiders helmet. Silver further reported Brown tried to use his old helmet that he had repainted, as if he were attempting to trick the Raiders.

According to Silver, in addition to trying to use his old helmet at OTAs earlier in the offseason, Brown tried to sneak his old helmet onto the field during training camp.

Hey, he can’t be too upset about the Raiders catching him this time. The important thing was he fooled them when he convinced the Raiders to give him $50-million bucks over three years just a few months after he alienated his previous team so much that he cost them a trip to the playoffs.

Actually, now that I say that, I am amazed the Raiders caught the fake helmet—even if he spelled raiders with a “Z.”

Source:Larry Brown Sports

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