YOUTUBER: Backlash After Accidentally Posting Video Of Her Abusing Her Dog

Youtuber Brooke Houts is in a world of trouble after one of her videos went viral.

It appears Houts accidentally posted an uncut video that showed her using cling wrap on her pup, spitting on it, and slapping and shoving it. Needless to say, the blasting began immediately with her viewers leaving comments on Brooke’s other videos once the abuse one was pulled.

Several people threatened to call authorities and now, sure enough, the LAPD is investigating as is La Animal Services. PETA was furious and tweeted "Dogs deserve respect. If you can't treat dogs with kindness and instead hit them, don't get one," and also called for Houts to be banned from Youtube. Many others are requesting the same. Many aren’t buying her apology, in which she said sse was in a bad mood that day, including Logan Paul who blasted the attempt to save her video career.

Source:NBC San Diego

In the fallout, Houts took to Twitter to address the public...

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