FLORIDA COPS: Discover They’re Actually Brothers

Most of us are curious about our pasts and where we come from. That’s why DNA-testing sites are making so much coin right now. Every once and a while, you can find out something new about your heritage, and you might even inadvertently come across a brother you never knew you had.

Enter Eric Reynolds, an officer for the Boynton Beach Police Department in Florida.David Stull is a sergeant with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office a couple hours away. Both men had taken 23andMe tests to check out their personal histories. What was discovered would change their lives forever.

Through the site, Stull found out he had a half-brother – Eric – and reached out to him via email. Curious about the “validity” of all this, he told the story to Eric about how he was “adopted as an infant” and had “very little knowledge of his family history.” As it turns out, the guys shared the same biological father,who didn’t even know that Stull existed. Reynolds then shared the news with dad that he had a new “bouncing baby boy.”

Since they live just a few hours from each other, it was a no-brainer to make the trek and meet up. They said it was like “meeting a clone” of one another. Now, there’s loads of lost time to make up for…plus they could become a fraternal crime-fighting super duo, if the so desired.

Source:Boynton Beach Police Department

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