ANTONIO BROWN: Check Out His Disgusting/Ugly/Putrid Foot Blisters!!!

I would say Antonio Brown is taking the rehab of his foot injury one step at a time, but the thing is—after seeing the foot problem he is dealing with—I wouldn’t take a single step if I were the Oakland raiders receiver.

Because I just saw the picture of his feet that he posted to his Instagram and, it is terrifying. The soles of both of his feet seem to be completely covered in blisters.

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said yesterday that Brown has been away from the team’s headquarters“gathering information”on what can be done about his feet. Gruden didn’t have any information beyond that.

It’s worth noting that, though the Raiders are apparently not concerned about the “injury” long term, it looks extremely painful in the short term.

Wonder if the AB’s TD celebrations this year will include Epsom salts?!?!?

Gruden has expressed disappointment in the 31-year-old not being able to take part in the bulk of training camp in his first preseason in Oakland.

Source:Larry Brown Sports

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