MCDONALDS: Cups Inadvertently Feature Sexual Imagery

Sometimes companies try to be too cute with the different promotions they run and sometimes it can backfire. Take McDonald's recent cup series promotion in Japan. 

McDonald’s had released a new series of cups for its McFizz soda drinks in Japan recently. The cups are supposed to show a young woman and a young man on each side. That's not the issue. The problem happens when you finish the drink. At first, it looks like the boy and girl on the cups are simply kissing on the lips. But people have found something else entirely.

Several cups inadvertently feature a variety of acts that people have interpreted as sexual. Many who bought the cups pointed out the screw-up on social media, calling the drinks 大人の飲み物 (otona no nomimono) or “adult beverages” and referring to this as an “egregious blunder” by McDonald’s.