PIRATES BRAWL: Red's Pitcher Takes On The Entire Pirates Team in Epic Brawl

Well the Pirates stopped their 9-game losing streak...but not without a fight. Literally...a fight, as in an epic bench-clearing brawl!

And there's a new twist to this fight!

I mean we’ve all seen a brawl that starts when a player charges the mound after the pitcher throws at him.

But have you ever seen a pitcher charge from the mound at a player without ever throwing a pitch?

Well now you have.

Watch as Reds pitcher Amir Garrett charges the Pirates dugout in the ninth inning, starting a brawl prolonged by—who else—Cincinnati outfielder Yasiel Puig.

Reds manager David Bell faces a suspension after running onto the field to join the fracas after being ejected an inning earlier. He was put in a headlock by Pirates hitting coach Rick Eckstein, got himself out, and shouted at Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. In all, five Reds were ejected.

Including Puig who got tossed out...Including Puig who got tossed out so far that he landed in Cleveland.

I'm not kidding...he was traded to the Indians just minutes before the fight began!


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