“American Horror Story: 1984” Storyline Revealed

Fans are finally getting the deets on the highly-anticipated “American Horror Story: 1984.” The storyline of the new season has been revealed in a new teaser that just dropped yesterday – this time, trouble is headed for the fictional retro summer camp, Camp Redwood.

In the clip, a masked man armed with a knife lurke on a group of teens at the summer camp. He’s shown hiding in the background as they drive towards camp, oblivious to the “Beware” signs on their way. They’re not safe frolicking in the lake, either.

Fans don’t have that much longer to wait – “AHS: 1984” premieres on FX on September 8th. The new season sees the return of Emma Roberts and Matthew Morrison, though they aren’t featured in the teaser.

Source:Daily Mail

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