VIDEO: Shows Cat Trying To Kill His Owner

Cats make amazing pets. Cat owners will stop at nothing to shower their felines with gifts like custom bed frames and nightstands. It's also well known that cats like to cuddle up with their owners at night. One cat owner found that his cat was the reason he wasn't breathing well at night.

Luis Navarro posted to Twitter that he was having trouble breathing at night and set up a camera to see if he could identify what was going on while he was sleeping. Well, he figured it out. Only it wasn't what he thought it was going to be.

The video captured his cat, in the middle of the night, sneaking up to him and then sat directly on top of his face, blocking his nose and mouth. This would explain the issues with breathing at night. It’s unclear if the cat is actively trying to murder him or just getting cozy, but it does look very comfortable in some of the photos posted.

Social media had some fun with the posts but one person commented: “You needed a camera to tell you an entire being was sitting on your face?”

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