LE'VEON BELL: Seems the NFL Has Concerns With Le'Veon

Seems the NFL is concerned that New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell may be having trouble coping with a return to work after having a one- year sabbatical.

Why else would they be testing him for drugs two separate times in as many days over the weekend.

For those wondering,of course this is quite rare.While the league will test a multitude of players during the early stages of camp, doing so twice within a two-day span does not happen too often.

The opening of the NFL’s annual drug testing window is April 20. We’re now months into that window.

Bell is a two-time All-Pro performer who inked a four-year, $52.5-million deal with the Jets back in March after the former Steelers star held out throughout the 2018 season.

Of course, that only averages to a little over 13-million bucks a year as opposed to the $70-million dollars, five year deal he rejected from the Steelers last season before sitting it out. Yeah, that comes to 14-million-plus per year.

And it’s not just a pay cut—it’s far less than the neighborhood of $17-million per year, he thought he was worth.

Which makes me think’s if he passed both of those tests, they should give him a third—because he is definitely on something.

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