LEONARDO DICAPRIO: Had “No Eye Contact” Policy On Set

Besides the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio likes dating models and saving the environment, there’s not much we know about the movie mega-star. He’s maintained an air of mystery over the years when it comes to his personal life, and according to some, he doesn’t get too buddy-buddy on set, either.

In fact, The Hollywood Reporter cites an on-set source who claims DiCaprio had a “no eye contact” policy on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming flick ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” “Some crew members on ‘Once Upon A Time’ were instructed to avoid making eye contact with him,” the outlet reports.

And sure, it may sound douchey to some, but it's apparently forgiven. "The Hollywood Reporter" is calling DiCaprio “Hollywood’s last movie star,” and Tarantino himself has praised the actor. “He kind of stands alone today," the director notes. "Like Al Pacino or Robert De Niro were in the ‘70s – they could do anything they wanted, and they wanted to do this. “So that means ‘this’ must be pretty good.”

Source:The Hollywood Reporter

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