VIRAL VIDEO: Flamethrower Drones Are a Real Thing

We’ll leave it to you to decided if this is a good thing or bad, but today’s the day you can start building the Throwflame TF-19 Wasp. It’s a fully-functioning flamethrower attachment for a “commercial-grade heavy lift” drone that CAN SHOOT FLAMES AN IMPRESSIVE 25-FEET.

And get this – it also has a one-gallon tank that can give you enough fuel to shoot flame for 100 seconds. Consecutively. Now, the flamethrower alone will run you $1,400. If you’re interested…and what guy isn’t?

A drone strong enough to lift the thing will run you anywhere from a thousand bucks up to $10-grand (depending on how high and far you want it to travel).

Sure, it sounds awesome, but all it takes is one drunken idiot for all hell to break loose.

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