WOODSTOCK 50: Is This The Death Nail for This Year's Festival?

Things sure aren’t looking good for Woodstock 50. The festival is supposed to happen in barely five weeks, but organizers just suffered a new setback, after the most recent proposed site, Vernon Downs, in Vernon, New York, denied their permit. 

Promoters still have five days to appeal, but it's doubtful they'll have much luck, with Oneida County Administrator Anthony Picente Jr, telling Variety it's "highly unlikely" the festival will happen there. 

A town meeting was actually held earlier this week in Vernon, New York, and folks in the area were not on board with the festival, with the local head of emergency service calling the festival a, “recipe for disaster.” But it wasn't just the emergency services guy. A report notes that the “overwhelming” reaction to the festival from locals and businesses was negative, with many concerned about traffic, property damage, police resources and more.


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