FLORIDA WOMAN: Takes Illegal Ice Cream Licking To A Whole New Level

A Florida woman is facing charges for disgusting behavior at an ice cream shop. And when we say disgusting, we mean just that.

Jung Soon Wypcha, of St. Petersburg, was arrested this week for an incident last month at Lulu's Ice Cream in Indian Shores. That means it happened well before the viral ice cream licking situation. Police say video shows the 66-year-old sticking her hands into containers of ice cream after picking her nose, spitting on ice cream and urinating in a bucket she then dumped into a sink.

Wypcha did all this over two days and we’re glad it was caught on camera! Get this, Wypcha is a store owner next door to Lulu's, and Lulu's owner tells News Channel 8 he thinks she was jealous of his success.

Source:CBS 17 Raleigh

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