KEVIN SPACEY: Court Room Reversal Shocks

We told that William Little – the young man who has the sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey – had also filed a civil suit. Now we hear he’s dropped the civil suit. At this point, Kevin is still facing the criminal charge for allegedly groping Little in a bar in Nantucket, Massachusetts. He was 18 when it happened in 2016.

Little’s lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian, announced in an email that the civil case – which was filed on June 26th in Nantucket Superior Court – had been voluntarily dismissed. No reason was provided either by Garabedian or in the court filing. FYI, the suit was dismissed “with prejudice,” which means that it can’t be refiled. 

As we told you, a key piece of evidence in the case – a cell phone with text messages between William and his then-girlfriend that chronicles the alleged assault – has gone missing. 

ONE MORE THING! Officers from Scotland Yard have also questioned Kevin in the US in connection with six sexual assault allegations he’s facing in the UK. The offenses allegedly occurred with six different men from 1996 to 2013. He voluntarily submitted to the interview in May and wasn’t arrested. The investigation is ongoing.


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