How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Stepping Foot In The Gym

There’s no one right way to lose weight and what helps one person shed pounds quickly may not work for someone else. But these science-backed tiny tweaks can help with weight loss and don’t require a strict diet or insane workout routine.

  • Load up on veggies- They’re low in calories, high in fiber, plus they’re full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, so vegetables are the ideal weight loss food.
  • Replace white carbs with whole grains- Swap your white pastas, breads, and rice for the whole grain version to get more protein, fiber, and B vitamins.
  • Take the stairs- All the extra activities you do in a day, like gardening, walking the dog, and taking the stairs are considered non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) and prioritizing them can add up to an extra 200 calories a day, no gym required.
  • Get a good night’s sleep- Not getting enough quality sleep can lead to unhealthy eating habits and uncontrollable cravings.
  • Cut back on the vino- We know you don’t want to hear this one, but cutting back on alcohol can really help your weight loss journey. Wine is high in calories with no nutritional value, plus it lowers inhibitions and makes it easier to give into junk food cravings.
  • Beware of high-calorie health foods- There’s room for avocados, granola, and dark chocolate in a healthy diet, but it’s so easy to eat too much - especially when you consider a serving of avocado is only a third of it. So check out serving sizes and stick to them.
  • Eat at home more- The average restaurant meal contains more than a day’s worth of calories along with more saturated fat and sodium than a home-cooked version.
  • Don’t obsess over one macronutrient- Low-carb, low-fat, and ultra-high protein diets aren’t sustainable or healthy for the long-term. So unless your doctor tells you otherwise, try to eat lean or plant protein, heart-healthy fats, fresh produce, and whole grains at each meal.
  • Stop villainizing fruit- Yes, it has sugar, but it’s natural sugar, and fruit is also packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals the body needs.
  • Unplug at meal time- Practice “mindful eating,” where you get rid of distractions and sit down to enjoy your food slowly, appreciating it for the taste and nourishment it gives you.

Source:Cooking Light

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