Things Women Do That Men Never Think About

It’s no secret that men and women are definitely different in certain areas, and there are some things women have to do that don't  even cross a man’s radar. Well, now some women are sharing exactly what some of those things.

Someone on Reddit recently posed the question, “What do women do, that men would never think about?,” and plenty of women were more than happy to chime in, and while they’re probably shocking to men, most women will likely relate. 

Things women do that men don't think about include:

  • “Hugging someone and making sure my face is up and away from them so I don't get makeup transference on their clothing. Same for deodorant if I'm wearing a short-sleeved top."
  • "The whole 'Text me when you get home' thing we do with our girlfriends. None of my guy friends ever ask their guy friends to do that.”
  • "How to seem aloof enough to not attract unwanted attention, but not too angry-looking to attract a bad person looking for a reason to harass a woman."
  • Men have never had to panic when they sneeze while on their period."
  • "Debating the necessity of shaving my legs for specific events."
  • "I hate that I am automatically expected to know how to deal with babies/children. The number of times I've been handed babies by coworkers/casual acquaintances/distant relatives and just expected to know how to hold them or what to do when they cry."
  • “Peeing right after sex so you don’t get a UTI. Bringing a change of underwear if you’re going to sleep over at someone’s house because you literally need to change your underwear after sexy time."
  • "I doubt men ever have to think about feeling a little bit of dread when they have a DM from a stranger. A lot of women do because we know opening it is basically disappointing penis roulette." 


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