KEVIN COSTNER: Whitney Houston's Not On "The Bodyguard" Poster

Remember the 1992 movie poster for “The Bodyguard?” Kevin Costner is carrying Whitney Houston out of a nightclub after a riot breaks out at one of her shows. He recently revealed that it wasn’t Whitney in the shot.

Apparently the late singer had already wrapped for the day when the picture was taken. “She had gone home and that was her double,” Kevin explained. “Her head was buried into my shoulder, which was appropriate anyway. She was frightened.” The executives at Warner Brothers weren’t on-board at first, but they eventually let the shot stand. 

The chemistry Kevin and Whitney created was so potent that he spoke at her funeral in 2012. But he credits it to Lawrence Kasdan’s screenplay. “[It was a] very funny, acidic kind of relationship that was unique. His own rhythm of language that I knew would create [sparks],” he noted. “It just caught [Whitney] at a really high moment or actually created a high moment for her. The words provide the chemistry in a way.”

Source:Entertainment Weekly

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