VAN HALEN: Roth Says He'll Meet With Van Halens This Week

David Lee Roth says he's meeting with the Van Halen brothers this week to "discuss new music," and that "there is plenty of music coming up" from him. 

Speaking to the music interview website Toazted at Holland's Pinkpop festival, where he sang the recent "Jump" remix with DJ Armin Van Buurin on Thursday, Roth won't go on the record as to whether that new music he makes will be with Van Halen. Instead, he cryptically explains that "I make no promises, but I make promises, but I don't. I have to publicize now that I'm not talking."

A 40-second clip from the interview has been posted on YouTube. In it, Roth also advises fans to "dial into or his podcast, TheRothShow, for updates on his new music.