DAVID BOWIE: The Story Behind David Bowie's Different Colored Eyes

David Bowie was known for having one blue eye and one brown eye, which was the result of being punched in the eye, and now the man responsible says the rocker actually thanked him for slugging him. 

George Underwood was a childhood friend of Bowie’s, but reveals that he punched the singer after a “short-lived falling out,” which happened when they both became interested in the same girl.

“Just to get the story straight, it was about a girl we both fancied,” Underwood shared, explaining that after he got a date with the girl, Carol Goldsmith, Bowie called him and told him the girl would rather go out with him. But it turns out, Bowie lied and Underwood found out that the girl had actually been waiting for him at their local youth club.

“So I was very p*ssed off with him, and in the morning I got on the bus to school and overheard him talking about this girl he was going out with,” he said. “At break time I hit him.” That hit caused one of Bowie’s eyes to become permanently dilated, which resulted in the different color eyes. Underwood added, “Later David said I did him a favor - everyone talks about his eyes, don’t they?”

Underwood noted, “In an increasingly visual world seemingly preoccupied by perfection, Bowie’s damaged left pupil became an intrinsic and arresting part of his enigmatic identity.”

Source:Telegraph UK

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