Cuba Gooding Jr. -- What Does The Video Show?

Cuba Gooding Jr. entered a not guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of forcible touching last week. But the question remains, did he actually grope that woman?Mark Heller – who actually saw the video and doesn’t believe there’s a case – is collecting affidavits from witnesses who were in the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge last week. That includes Cuba’s girlfriend, Claudine DeNiro

For the record, the bits of the surveillance video that have been playing on CNN and other media, are blurry and puzzling. TMZ had to insert big arrows identifying who was who but it's still not clear that anyone is being groped at all. What you can see? That neither alleged victim nor another woman with them reacted in such a way that supports what she’s claiming.Check out the video below.

At this point, Heller’s plan is to file a motion to dismiss the charge this week. He also wants the police to investigate the accuser – an unidentified 29-year-old woman who hasn’t been identified – for making a “perjurious complaint.” So far, she hasn’t said anything to the media. "I want to see them make an example out of this lady," Heller noted. “A handful of women making false claims, it severely hurts other legitimate (claims).” Cuba is due in court on June 26th.

Source:USA Today

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