BIG PAPI: May Have Gotten Shot Over Affair With Drug Lord's Wife

David Ortiz will go down in MLB history as the greatest designated hitter in the game and is easily a first-ballot Hall of Famer. But according to reporting from the Dominican Republic’s “Diario Libre,” baseball stadiums may not have been the only place he was swinging the “big stick.” Even worse? His “swing” may be why he got shot.

Dominican officials have already said the shooting “didn’t correspond to a robbery or an action of street violence.” In fact, they’ve said that everything about it points to something personal. Now, comes information that’s allegedly from Ortiz’s “friends” under conditions of “absolute confidentiality.”

They way they’re telling it, Ortiz may have been dipping his bat in forbidden pine-tar…(something his wife,Tiffany, would surely disapprove of).Even more than that, however, is the theory that Ortiz’s alleged sidepiece is said to be the wife of a drug lord. Friends apparently warned Ortiz of danger if he didn’t knock it off, but he persisted in “frequenting the company of the woman” – and that may have resulted in retaliation in the form of a hired gun that didn’t quite finish the job.

Source:Diario Libre

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