WOMEN SPEAK: The Gross Things Our Dudes Do

There’s rarely a more tortuous evening than when your wife or girlfriend gets together with her girlfriends and the whole night becomes a “what we hate about our men” bitch-fest. To be fair, however, guys have been known to do some gross stuff, and it deserves to be called out. That’s what Buzzfeed did when women were asked about the things their men do.

  • “My husband used to poop in the shower…literally squat over the drain and spread his cheeks.” (Anonymous)
  • “My husband had a wart on the bottom of his foot. He’d shave it down with a knife and chew on the pieces he cut off.” (erinelizabethc2)
  • “When I was in bootcamp, there was a guy would pick at his own pimples and eat the pus.” (jackiebeadles1)
  • “I was cleaning the other day and found a large pile of nail clippings between our couch and the wall. Apparently my husband has been collecting his disgustingly long toe nail clippings. He was mad when I asked him to clean them up!"(jessicap4b804b34e)
  • “My husband wipes his boogers on his Xbox controller until the pile becomes so big it falls off or I’d have to badger him to clean it off.” (theworriedpeach)
  • “When my boyfriend’s moustache gets to long, he holds down his lips and ‘trims’ the hairs with his teeth…then he EATS the hairs.” (katiem4d6501e1b)
  • I knew a guy who smoked cigarettes and would eat the butts.” (savkeown)
  • “I caught my very tall ex-boyfriend peeing in the kitchen sink while it was full of dishes. Twice!” (turtlety)

Yeah…that’s some pretty gnarly stuff, ladies. Maybe next time, though, we can discuss your leaving used snot rags around the house, pimple-bursting fascination, and the fact that you never seem to feel the need to wash your bra.


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