VIRAL VIDEO: Aggressive Gator Breaks Into Florida Home

A woman in Clearwater, Florida had an unusual intruder break into her home Friday morning by smashing through a window.

The woman said she woke up to noises in her kitchen around 3 a.m. and discovered a gator had made its way into her house through a floor level window. The reptile wandered the house but in the process destroyed the kitchen table and gotten into her wine, and there was minor damage to her walls. As far as the wine, the homeowner said it was “the good stuff.”

The woman retreated to her bedroom, called 911 and waited by playing online games. The emergency dispatcher sounded shocked that the intruder was in her kitchen.

It took 10 officers and two trappers to capture and relocate the 11 foot gator without any injuries. Authorities say if the beast has a reasonable temperament it will be relocated to a preservation site.


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