HARRISON FORD: Wanted "Star Wars" Co-Star Fired

Harrison Ford allegedly tried to get a "Star Wars" puppeteer fired from the movie after the man made fun of him on set.

Tim Rose, the puppeteer who played Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars, said Harrison wanted him fired from "Return of the Jedi."

It all happened during the iconic scene when Hans Solo gets unfrozen from carbonite. As Carrie Fisher character, Princess Leia kisses Hans after the rescue, all the costumed characters and puppeteers chanted, "We saw you kissing!" and the crew started laughing. The moment was intended to be fun, but Harrison apparently saw no humor in it.

Harrison went to the director and wanted to know if everyone was just going to laugh over his lines. The director, Richard Marquand, told the characters to do the same thing but "in mime" for the second take. Before the third take, the director sat next to Tim, who was still in character, and asked what the thought. However, Tim didn't realize that his microphone was still on and could be heard on the sound stage. He then made fun of Harrison again and the crew thought it was hysterical. 

Harrison stormed off the set and said he wouldn't return until the unknown wisecracking puppeteer was fired. Tim said he offered to apologize to Harrison, but that wouldn't cut it. But, since Tim was only a behind-the-scenes character and Harrison didn't know who actually made the joke or what the jokester looked like, Tim said he was allowed to continue working as "the new guy." 

Source: TooFab

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