WOODSTOCK 50: Files Appeal Over Missing $18.5M

While Woodstock 50 recently announced they had found a new investor, they are apparently not done fighting with their old investor, Dentsu.

As we previously told you, a judge ruled that Dentsu did not have to return $18.5-million that Woodstock 50 organizers claim they stole. Dentsu has always claimed the money legally belonged to them, but apparently organizers don’t see it that way, and now they are going to court again to get it back.

Lawyers for Woodstock 50 have now filed an appeal over the ruling in attempt to get their hands on the missing money, and an appellate judge ordered Denstu to deposit $18.5-million into escrow by Friday at 5pm. Woodstock 50’s lawyer adds the judge, “issued this order pending the decision of a five-judge panel on Woodstock 50’s motion to return the funds to the Woodstock 50 Festival account.” 


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