What Teachers Say They Really Want For End Of Year Gifts

The end of the school year is almost here and that means it’s time to start figuring out what to get the teachers that have been educating our kiddos all year. Of course, most of them would be happy with anything their students give, but what do teachers actually want? Huffington Post asked real teachers what they would most like to get at the end of the LONG school year and this is what they said.

  • “We don’t expect anything and appreciate everything. Hand written cards and notes mean more than you could imagine and are saved.”
  • “Flair pens are ALWAYS welcome.”
  • “Some parents have asked what my favorite Starbucks drink is and then they actually deliver it) great way to start the day.”
  • “I love anything useful! Especially things like cute notepads, post-its, pens, art supplies, etc.”
  • “A heartfelt note or letter or drawing is what I cherish.”
  • “Gift cards!Teacherspayteachers.com gift cards are great as well as personal ones to Target or Walmart or other places the teacher may have on their favorites.”
  • “My favorites are handwritten notes of thanks from the kids or parents. I keep them under my desk calendar to read on the tough days. It’s also awesome when the parent sends me a POSITIVE email and copies my principal on it! That means so much!”
  • “Helpful??? Supplies for hands-on projects that would typically come from my own money. Appreciated? Handmade and/or personal gifts.”
  • “I value a note or letter from a student. I know it is not as practical as a Starbucks gift card, but it helps me to know that my efforts are not in vain. The idea that I make a difference... that feeds my soul.”
  • “One year all my students’ families pooled money together for a gift card to a spa. Best.present.ever.”

Source:Huffington Post

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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