“GoT”Goofed Again, Plus Eight More Glaring TV & Movie Mistakes

First, there was the coffee cup incident. Then, the mystery of the hand that grew back. Now, “Game Of Thrones” fans have noticed another editing flub… someone left a plastic water bottle visible in a scene.

Twitter user Beth has posted evidence of the mistake, writing, “a water bottle in King’s Landing!!”

But get off of HBO’s back, “Game Of Thrones” is far from the first show to let mistakes like that slip.Here’s a list of some more TV & Movie goofs:

  • “Gladiator” is set in ancient Rome, but at one point in the 2000 movie you can see a guy wearing some jeans and a t-shirt. Check it out at the 1:26 mark HERE.
  • “Modern Family” actor Eric Stonestreet has taken to Instagram to post proof that his show is guilty, too. One time, they left a camera operator visible in a shot.
  • Alfred Hitchcockdidn’t seem to notice one telling extra in the back of a shot of his1959 thriller, “North By Northwest.” Before a gun was supposed to go off by “surprise,” a kid can be seen preparing for the noise by plugging his ears. Check it out at around the 1:40 mark HERE.
  • Sienna Miller stopped by “Ellen” in 2015 to fess up to the fact that the baby in “American Sniper” didn’t exactly look real… it was pretty obvious that Bradley Cooper was holding a plastic doll.
  • Pretty much everyone has seen Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 classic “Pulp Fiction”... but did you ever notice that in that iconic opening scene there are bullet holes in the back before the guy hiding in the bathroom even starts shooting? Check it out at the 1:24 mark HERE.
  • In “Back To The Future Part III,” another mischievous kid causes some trouble in the background. During the scene where Doc says goodbye to Marty and his family, a young boy in the back makes a “come here” motion and then points to his pants. Check it out at the 1:58 mark HERE.
  • “Downton Abbey” was the original show to leave a water bottle in a shot. BBC News posted proof in 2014 on Twitter.

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