VIDEO: Conspiracy Theorists Believe Video Proves Elvis Is Alive

There have always been people who believed that Elvis Presley didn’t die back in 1977 and now some believe they have proof. A newly resurfaced interview from 1974 appears to show Elvis with brown eyes, which many conspiracy theorists believe is proof that he used a body double, since his eyes were blue.

"In this video, one can clearly see the brown eyes and the mannerisms as being different from that of Elvis!,” one person noted, suggestingJesse Garon Presleyis actually doing the interview. Jesse is Elvis’ twin brother who died at birth, although conspiracy theorists insist he didn’t die and was secretly alive and used as a body double for his famous brother.

"One can see that this is NOT Elvis," one commenter shared, while another insisted "I've seen this before I knew it was Jesse and not Elvis as he was not comfortable.”Check out the video to the right.

Source:Pop Culture

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