Guy Gets 300 Matches On Tinder Using Snapchat GenderSwap App

There’s a ton of buzz right now over the GenderSwap filter on Snapchat. It’s where a someone can take one of their pictures, put it through the filter, and magically transform himself into a hot girl (or guy).The dude who’s “transformation photo” was convincing enough that his girlfriend thought there was some other chick wearing his clothes – landing him in the doghouse. Now, meet Jake Askew.

Jake filtered a picture of himself, and then made a profile on Tinder under the name “Jess” from the University of Derby. In no time at all, ‘Jess’ had hundreds of “matches” on the app,but the fun didn’t end there. Soon, Jake found himself face-to-face with the realities of dating from the other side with messages including:

  • “Are you a piece of art? Because I want to nail you up against the wall.”
  • References to one guy’s “pork sword” and another “face-sitting” request.
  • “Are you a beaver? Because…DAM! You can’t spell MENU without ME N U…so let me eat that ass.”

At last check, “Jess” had over 15-hundred horny gents vying for “her” attention. Once this story gets more traction, we’re thinking that number might drop a bit.

Source:Bored Panda

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