WAITER: Returns $424k Check To Customer Who Didn’t Tip Him

A woman who stiffed her waiter at Patsy’s Pizzeria in New York City got a taste of instant karma when she walked away from lunch and left a check behind on the table. Armando Markaj was serving the table and when he went to clean up, he found they hadn’t left him a tip, but had left behind a cashier’s check for $424,000.

The check belonged to 78-year-old Karen Vinacour, who was carrying around the nearly half a million bucks while she went to look at a condo she hoped to buy. The money was proceeds from the sale of her apartment and once she figured out where she lost it, the first thing she did when she got back to the restaurant was tell Brija that she felt awful for not tipping him that day.

Now she’s beyond grateful to get it back. “I can’t believe it,” Vinacour says. “I’m so relieved.”

Source:New York Daily News

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