ROYALS: Kate Middleton Ended Will & Harry's Feud

Spirits are high after the official announcement of the newest addition to the Royal family. There’s still more excitement to come, as we're expected to meet the bundle of joy today and perhaps finally find out what mama Meghan Markle and daddy Prince Harry named him.

In the meantime, the couple has gotten well wishes from Kate Middleton and Prince William, who can’t wait to finally meet the baby boy either. Despite ongoing reports of tension within the Royal “Fab Four,” Will cracked a little joke as he spoke to the press about the big news, welcoming his brother to the “sleep deprivation society” as a new parent.

It just goes to show you that the good blood is running, because word is the rumored feud we told you all about was really a fight between brothers… one that Kate stepped in and put an end to. How? Word is that it was Kate, who convinced Harry to extend an “olive branch” to Will, and now they’re all good.Check out Will and Kate’s comments to the right.

  • ONE MORE THING! We told you before that it’s possible that Meghan and Harry’s son will don the “Prince” title. But Time says the opposite, reporting that it’s more likely that the newest Royal will be a “Lord.” Apparently, there’s some century-old decree made by King George V that was made to “slim-down the monarchy.” Queen Elizabeth II made an exception for Kate and Will’s son George…but the outlet reports that the same isn’t as likely for Meghan and Harry’s son, who’s seventh in line for the throne.

  • BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE! As we told you before,Meghan and Harry made the unorthodox move to announce the baby news on their Sussex Royal Instagram first. According to Hello! Magazine, the social media post broke the record of the most-liked post of any Royal Insta account. It got one-million likes in less than an hour, and at last check, has more than doubled that.

Source:The Mirror

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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