WOODSTOCK 50: The Latest Woodstock Drama

As we previously told you, the future of the Woodstock 50 concert is in doubt after investment company, Dentsu, who was financing the fest, announced its cancellation, although promoter Michael Lang insists it’s still going to happen. Well, now TMZ has gotten a hold of a letter Lang sent to Dentsu’s President and CEO, and in it he accuses the company of deliberately trying to sabotage the festival.

In the letter, Lang claims Dentsu was behind the ticket on-sale delay, insisting there was no reason for it since they got all the necessary permits. He also suggests they began playing games with the lineup, offering bands gigs at the 2020 Summer Olympics if they backed out.

Finally, Lang also suggests Dentsu may have pocketed some of the money earmarked towards the fest. He notes they “illegally swept approximately $17 million from the festival bank account leaving the festival in peril."

  • Still, Lang insists the show will go on. He says since the cancelation announcement there has been "groundswell of support for Woodstock in every conceivable manner, making the prospects of having a successful event a virtual certainty."
  • Billboard reports that in order to make Woodstock happen Lang needs to raise $30 million by Friday.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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